The Deep Living Books are a great way to learn about Deep Living
and start your Deep Living Practice.


Deep Living: A practical path to happiness and fulfillment through honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility is a comprehensive presentation of the Deep Living Point of View and Practice. This book is the culmination of the many years of James' personal and professional practices put into clear prose. Here you will find a mixture of ancient wisdom and modern techniques joined together to create a guide that can lead you to find more clarity about yourself and the world around you, better relationships with others, and a more joyous and fulfilling way of life. The Deep Living Book is available in the original English or a German translation by Lydia Lucke.

An Introduction to Deep Living introduces you to the basic ideas of Deep Living and can serve as a guide to get you started on the path towards the life you were meant to live. Writing in a simple, clear, and creative style, James has shared some of the most valuable things he has learned on his path to happiness. If you are not satisfied with your life, and are ready to do something about it, this book is a great way to start. If you are already on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of your potential, this book contains much of what to keep in mind to help you find what you are looking for—the things you know you knew even if you have not heard them before.

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Principles of Life

Principles of Life – is a series of simple, colorful, and informative booklets that will share how James perceives the world in a way that allows him to see people, their motivations, and their true desires so clearly.

In that this is a radically different way of looking at and understanding the world, we have decided to present this information in small easily graspable bits that will build on each other. Each booklet will provide information that needs to be read, reread, played with, and experienced to be truly understood. The different booklets will provide the many pieces of information that can guide one on the path to obtaining the ability to perceive the world in this extremely gratifying and effective way.The books are colorful combinations of words and illustrations that impart the information in a fun and simple way, a style we intend to continue as the series progresses.

The first volume in this series is Energy Basics. This booklet gives a fundamental description of what to look for and consider while learning to perceive the energetic nature of reality.

The second volume, Living in the Energy Field, shows how to relate to the energy field that surrounds us in a way that will prepare you to function much more joyously and effectively.

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