The Deep Living Community consists of all the people interested in Deep Living, the people who have found that once you start living with honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility it is much more fun to spend time with others who are also interested in these things.

Many people who have attended our groups continue to stay connected with each other, meeting socially, and many coming into long-term relationships.

We are happy to support the growth of this community with meetings and events. One place this community can stay connected is our Deep Living Facebook Group. >>>> Click here to go to the Deep Living Facebook Group <<<<

The Deep Living Community exists at two levels.

The Deep Living Community

The Deep Living Living Community

The Deep Living Living Community is a group of people who have decided that living the Deep Living way of life is a priority for them. We have come together in the Frohnau area of Berlin, Germany to create a community dedicated to living with deep connections, intimacy, mutual support, harmony, love, joy and affluence.

We are experimenting with different ways of living together and doing business that will create a "new normal" for ourselves that is fun, fulfilling, empowering, and joyous.

We welcome like-minded people to join us. Below you will find links to our community website and our community blog. To get more information about the community contact us at