Groups and Trainings with James and Sarah

Deep Living groups offer a unique opportunity to examine deeper aspects of yourself. No subject is taboo and everything is explored slowly, with consciousness, and without pressure. James leads the groups with skill, clarity, and humor, while helping each participant get as much out of the experience as possible. Sarah holds a nurturing space and provides German translation. The groups are small and intimate. While each participant is given time to address their goals, they are also encouraged to support the other participants in their processes, which substantially adds to the depth of the groups. Deep Living groups are great places to explore your edges and find your deeper truth.

Most groups take place at our practice in Frohnau. James speaks in English and we provide German translation. For full day groups at our practice we provide a home cooked lunch. Exceptions will be noted on our schedule page.

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Deep Living Days and Weekends

Deep Living Intensives

Deep Living Gatherings

In these slightly larger residential groups you have the opportunity to "live" Deep Living for days at a time. Besides daily sessions with James there is ample time to hang out, play, and just be together. We also schedule fun events like performance evenings, dance evenings, and multi-hand massage. Come join us in creating a new normal.

These groups are very much like the Deep Living Days, but last longer and provide the opportunity to dive deeply into your process and make several steps in a short period of time.

Deep Living Trainings

Deep Living Intensive Trainings

Healing Relationship Trainings

Peer Group Meetings

Deep Living Practice Group

The Deep Living Practice Group is for those who have decided to make a Deep Living Practice a priority in their lives. It is an ongoing group that meets weekly and includes participation in an online support forum. If you choose to use the Deep Living Point of View and Practice as a way to reach your personal goals, this group offers the invaluable support of both James as well as a group of people who have also chosen to make the pursuit of honesty, courage, consciousness, and self-responsibility a priority in their lives. These meetings are in English without translation.

These are meetings for people who work with other people professionally, particularly those who work very intimately or with sexuality, to get together and discuss whatever issues come up in their practices or lives, and get feedback, support, and advice from others working in similar fields as well as benefiting from James' extensive experience in the subject. These meetings are in English without translation.

These are groups where James shares how he works with people. They are intended for people who work with people professionally who would like to learn the abilities and skills James has developed that make his work so powerful.

The intensive trainings are similar to the Deep Living Trainings, but consist of longer groups over a shorter period of time.

Our trainings are for those who want to make transforming their lives and finding their truth a priority. The trainings include process work with James and add increased focus on your personal practice and helping you learn the life skills that will empower you to create a life that will bring you joy and fulfillment. Our trainings consist of a series of groups over a period of time, the option of internet support between our meetings, and discounts on additional sessions and groups.

These are the basic Deep Living Groups. They are a great introduction for people new to Deep Living, as well as an opportunity for those with experience to deepen their Deep Living practice or make another step in their process. Lasting either one or two days, these small, intimate groups can be the stepping-stones of your personal transformation.

Exploration of Sexuality

Though the possibility to explore sexuality exists in all of our groups, some people like to come together with others who want to focus on this popular, challenging, and complex subject. These groups tend to be very powerful and are only appropriate for those comfortable in working with overt sexuality.